“Tradition is the basis for a great many things: experience and competence, quality and trust. None of this develops in a vacuum. It comes from both us and our history. It is impossible to copy, in a manner of speaking.”

Bernhard Wanning

Bear-based fine hair specialist:

Let us introduce: Steiff, Steiff Schulte.
We are the people who invented what you are looking for now.

… specifically, we offer extremely high-quality fabrics of mohair and alpaca, customised to your wishes and specific uses: e.g., for world-famous toys, for fashion, interior, and object design, for technical and innovative applications. They’re fabrics like no other. There’s no end to the options they offer!

Reasons to choose us – and be successful:

History equals experience equals know-how.

Our history and our tradition are proof of it: No one has more experience in working with mohair and alpaca. Our customers also benefit from our exceptional market and material knowledge “as a matter of course”. The latest know-how, a high level of competence, and best connections equal additional security and reliability for our customers.

All good things: technology, team & wonderful fabrics.

Our large selection of machinery is an advantage for our partners and customers – in particular when operated by employees whose experience equals their commitment. This is the only way to create unique products. Technology, experts & exclusive materials are, therefore, the combination that enables our high performance and success.

The stuff that opportunities are made of.

We often consider ourselves the “solution” thanks to our broad and diverse position that allows us to serve a vast range of industries and needs. We work flexibly and variably, from design to production. Our results always provide high quality and may even be highly innovative: It’s hardly surprising then that we consider our fabrics to be “future-proof”.

It all started with the bears, of course. The world-famous bears made so many children’s wishes come true. We loved that. In the course of the years and decades, it made us make more and more wishes come true, using our special knowledge and skills to develop ever more solutions and products for an increasing number of areas – also because our extraordinary refined, robust, and durable fabrics were so very suitable for many different applications.


We make wishes come true in the best sense

A vast stock of fabrics forms the basis for many usage options today and allows us to respond immediately to many requests, in particular from hobby collectors and teddy doctors. More than a century of research and development has given us hundreds of samples, most of which we can access.

Documentation, laboratory, weaving technique, and experience continue to be necessary today. They intertwine when creating new fabrics with special properties or a very special look outside of the area of toys. They are frequently customised solutions for popular brands from the fashion & garments, interior & furnishing, or object design industries.

It’s something to be felt and experienced!

Our “bear history” and our work as a brand partner offering internationally recognised quality in fashion, furnishings & design has enabled us to develop not only a great reputation but also a certain level of renown in about 120 years.
If you are not familiar with us yet, you should get to know us right away: Set out on a virtual tour of our world!
And then it’ll be YOUR turn to provide some material first: Contact us. We are already looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your concerns!


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D-47057 Duisburg

Opening hours:

Mon to Thu 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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