Our focus: Interior and object design.
When living can be improved a bit, too.

Furs with fine hair are a gift of nature – which means that their availability is limited. Only the interplay of the natural hair and the special three-dimensional weaving process guarantee our exclusive products. They form the “score of nature” that Steiff Schulte has become a part of.

Homing, i.e., withdrawal into the personal sphere that acquires enormous relevance for the individual, is a major trend of our time. Our fabrics can be a solution when trying to maximally customise this most unique area of life.

After all, our woven furs are suitable as covers for upholstery and furniture, as a material for sophisticated cushions and blankets, as eye-catchers for wall coverings, or for customisation of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. This makes them precious unique items that can be used to implement entire lifestyle concepts. Our fabrics can also be used to furnish private jets, yachts, or luxury cars.

World-famous furnishing brands have included our fabrics in their collections. A good decision if we may say so ourselves …

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