Our focus: Fashion.
Haute couture for the crème de la crème.

It is said that “names are but smoke and mirrors”. We can’t quite agree with that. After all, we are proud of the big fashion brands we work with, even if we are not allowed or willing to list their names here. However, our fine woven furs are so distinctive that every fashion professional will immediately recognise the objects made with our fabrics.

This is not merely another business area for us, but a matter of recognition enjoyed through close cooperation with some “brands everyone is familiar with”.

We present our latest woven fur collection at the international fabric fairs in Paris, Milan, and Munich and have a highly visible presence in the trend forums at the fairs.

An optimal partner for sophisticated brands: knowledgeable, agile, fast.

We generally only supply fashion labels that identify with our philosophy of “sustainability and Animal Welfare” – and who are looking for something special for their collection and their customers.

This reduces orders to a manageable number of clients, mostly made up of famous brands. One of the things they appreciate about Steiff Schulte is that we have a sense for the highly volatile and fast-changing fashion sector and that we are able to react just as quickly and flexibly.

This allows our products to supply a niche market characterised by small production quantities. We also offer very short distances between design and production since most luxury brands have their design departments in Central Europe while our production facility is based in Germany. In other words: A partnership with us enables fashion professionals to react quickly and flexibly.

There is the additional advantage that all production stages in Duisburg are grouped together: We avoid long production paths in manufacture. We can react quickly to any sample requests from brands, which is a major prerequisite on the highly dynamic fashion market.

Recent decades have seen a trend away from real fur towards the woven kind in the fashion sector, though fine natural hair is still a prerequisite. The important thing is that no animals have to suffer or die for that hair. Steiff Schulte can meet exactly these requirements with its woven furs made from alpaca and mohair hair. We expect this trend to further intensify in the years to come.

More fashion means even more uses!
Quality never goes out of fashion, after all.

Beyond clothing, brands also use our fabrics for accessories. As a result, shoes, bags, backpacks, and many other items made of and with our unusual fabrics can be found at the markets as well – and each and every one of them is an eye-catcher.

Our fashion agencies will of course be happy to answer any questions and queries that you may have.
Find a constantly updated list of agencies here.

We are known and we are recognised.

(Bernhard Wanning)


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