Recognising trends & shaping innovations: technical and special applications.

The name of “Steiff” contains the concept of “tradition” by design, in a manner of speaking. We, as a family-owned business, appreciate that greatly. Relying on tradition alone wouldn’t have gotten us through the decades, however.

Innovation has always been the other side of our coin as only constant, continuous development can let a traditional company survive and flourish on the market. To this end, we maintain, among other things, a separate “Technology & innovation” department that works on “Teddies for tomorrow” as one of its projects.

Who would have thought that Steiff Schulte would once produce for areas that have nothing to do with teddies at all? They include, for example …

… mohair woven furs for painting and varnishing rollers

… fabric coverings for wind tunnels

… microphone protectors

… roller covers for industrial applications, e.g., for cleaning purposes

… as well as (virtually) anything we can develop individually for you!

Are our technical and special applications the future, then? We may “only” be a medium-sized, family-run company with very limited influence on the industry as a whole. However, we are already perceived as a game changer for our own (and our customers’) projects, results, and findings via “Technology & innovation”.

In any case, that area serves as a tangible expression of our open mind for and joy in development. Whether and to what extent other companies or even the industry as a whole may be inspired by some of our results (as has happened a few times before) is outside of our sphere of influence.


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