Top products are great.
Top service is (even) better.

The national and international markets – even beyond the textile sector – show a clear development: Products of all kinds are becoming more and more interchangeable due to greatly simplified global exchange in communication and transport, due to copying of techniques and processes, but also due to increasingly standardised price structures. This trend seems to begin with the mass-produced articles in the middle of the markets, spreading outwards from there. The fringe areas are the high-quality niche and special products – such as the ones we offer. They are harder to copy and subject to low competitor numbers. As a result, these products can resist the pressures for longer.

Nevertheless, we must expect this development. As a forward-looking company we are, of course, already looking for solutions for the future. We needed an idea for how to remain unique and impossible to copy as a brand. We have found our solution in offering service.

Systematic and future-proof added value.
In short: Service made by Steiff Schulte.

Companies and their services are often judged solely based on their products. This does not live up to reality, however. A brand like ours does not supply fabric items sold “off the shelf”, detached from everything else. “Isolated solutions” aren’t our thing. Our customers do not judge us “by the thread” either.

As a result of this, our customer relationships do not start by writing a number on a piece of paper, but by talking to a prospective customer about their goals and the tasks they are looking to solve. Only then can we sensibly work out a solution – and only then can we put a price to it.

Service equals a journey
from idea to perfection


We will bundle all our knowledge, take our customer by the hand, and go brainstorming together: Which material is best suited for the task at hand, what properties are required? Where can we get this material from or how can we add the desired properties to it…?

Our clients get more than just a number from us: They will get a complete concept that includes the entire route from the idea conceived, through the paths in this world, to perfection at our company and perfectly safe delivery.

This also means that our customer has a competent contact at their side who is available at all times and along the entire path. All steps will be secured by quality controls, guarantees, and much more. We will interact fairly, transparently, and responsibly. We also will always be available for further ideas and development of additional follow-up products.

“We like to call ourselves our customers’ ‘partner’. We’re really more than that, though. We offer an all-inclusive experience that lets each and every one of our customers sleep soundly at night. You just have to experience it in the flesh to really appreciate it. We invite you to do so!”

Tim Caumanns, managing director at Steiff Schulte


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