Diversity can be such high quality: our product lines.

It’s amazing what special expertise for special fabrics can achieve … looking at the portfolio of our products and areas of work makes clear that we are not really a “niche supplier” (anymore). We actually have solutions in store to match many tasks. And in any case of doubt: Just ask us!

By the way, don’t be surprised that we have included our factory outlet here: That, too, is a solution in our book, enabling direct, immediate, and quick contact with us.

Our roots in high-quality toys.

Can there be any real teddies without our fabrics? Let us show you what makes our fabrics unique and unmistakable, where they are used, and what our long tradition continues to be about to this day. (You will probably be able to answer this question on your own afterwards …)

Steiff Schulte - Spielwaren
Steiff Schulte - Fashion

Fashion – for everything meant to be “deluxe”.

It’s all about a sensual product experience on the skin, a luxurious look, and particularly long-lasting enjoyment of your favourite piece: Fabrics by Steiff Schulte add the final touch of chic to high-end brand fashion, raising designs of famous labels far above their competition simply by virtue of their materials. Haute couture offering elegance and a clear conscience alike. Why not have a look …?

Interior & objects – living with mohair.

Surround yourself with the most pleasant objects in your living space – as has been made possible for a few years now thanks to Steiff Schulte’s collaboration with renowned names from the interior and object design sectors. It has brought about some fascinating results, including some extravagant pieces and mini-series that combine functional living with the extraordinary. See for yourself!

Steiff Schulte - Interieur
Steiff Schulte - Innovation & Technik

Technology & innovation – fabrics for the future.

Innovative fabrics developed in-house are our solution for current questions, sustainability, animal welfare and other issues. We keep looking for the fabrics of the future on behalf of our customers (as well as on our own initiative). New raw materials, new production methods, new applications – we take responsibility and think ahead! Do you want some examples? You can have some …

Our factory outlet – brand you can touch.

Nothing beats a live experience, right? This also applies to our fabrics – and is the reason for our factory sale. Enjoy (in addition to the particularly favourable prices) our complete range of fabrics, selected individual items and remnants as well as one or two surprises! You can find out all about our factory outlet here.

Steiff Schulte - Werksverkauf


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